FAM 808s Drum Samples

FAM 808s Drum Samples

Grime in the world of trap, hip hop, future music, etc.

means dirty, distorted, nasty etc.

and that is the sound of FAM 808s Samples.


Over 40 individual 808's...20 pairs of 808's,

each of the pairs having a different velocity kick

to better tailor to the needs of your production.


Each 808 was developed using numerous oscillators

and printing the 808's through outboard gear

at Finley Audio Machines studio.

You will find grime in these 808's

to cut through any track,

as well as deep warmth to fill out

the lowest of octaves.


Outboard signal chain includes:

  • Chandler Curve Bender EQ
  • Zener Limiter
  • Crane Song Hedd 192
  • Rupert Neve MBP 2
  • Avalon 747
  • Neve 1081 eq's
  • Smart C1LA


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